Daily Energy Gel

Daily Energy Gel

(Blueberry Flavour)

Ready to go whenever you are, sustaining you through 45 minutes of any physical activity. Packed in a small and convenient pouch, easy to store and travel with!

Improves Performance
Supports Hydration
Sustained Energy
Improves Focus
Reduces Fatigue
Aids Recovery

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Zero Sugar
No Preservatives
Plant Based

Revitalize Every Workout with

Provides Hydration

Helps in regulating body temperature and maintaining water balance, combating muscle cramps and fatigue during any strenuous activity.

Replenishes Lost Minerals

Electrolytes restore essential ions like sodium and potassium, which maintain fluid balance, and muscle contractions, particularly after physical exertion.

Why Choose Us?


Clean Formula

DEG is a vegan and natural product that is free from any preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavours, making it the perfect choice to boost your energy on-the-go.


Convenient & Portable

It comes in a 30g spout pouch that is easy to carry and consume. The gel can be consumed in stages if needed, making it great for longer workouts or races.


Delicious Flavour

Blueberries provide a unique taste, which makes it easy to consume unlike other gels. It has a sweet palatable taste, even though it has zero added sugar.

If you’re not satisfied with the Daily Energy Gel, reach out to us and we will give you a hassle free refund on receiving the unused pouches.

You Have The Questions,

We Have The Answers

Yes, Daily Energy Gel is in an easily digestible liquid form.
The gel should be consumed 10 minutes before any physical activity and every 30 minutes during the activity.
Energy gels are primarily designed for individuals engaged in endurance activities and prolonged physical exertion, such as runners, cyclists, or athletes. Those with medical conditions or dietary restrictions should consult a healthcare professional before use.
Daily Energy Gel has no added sugar.
You will be able to see any energy spike for upto 45 mins.
You can consume upto 3 packs/day as per your requirement.
After 45 minutes of taking the energy gel, you'll feel just as normal as you did before without any energy crash. It provides a steady and reliable energy boost without the downs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gives immediate energy boost

Tried the gel right before my workout and I am glad to tell you, it gives immediate energy boost. Made my workout much more fulfilling and easy.

Srikanth M.
Very good taste and easy to consume

The gel tastes great, it is not at all heavy on the stomach. It gave me the instant energy boost I needed for my run.